Tuesday, 21 April 2009

'Taking Charge of who's Destiny?' Agriculture.

Blimey!...Question to Mr Naylor..Where are people who live in cities and do not own land expected to get their food if they do not delegate their food needs to farmers and retailers? Personally I think urban allotments are a good idea, but I don't think this is what Mr Naylor was suggesting.
(J. -Thanks for the comment on previous post- I tried to trace a link to the article but they seem not to have archived this feature which was published on the opinion page. I've reproduced the first half of the article verbatim below, so that I don't quote out of context.)
Sorry I have removed quote because of question-mark over copyright.


Jamblichus said...

Thanks for posting the unexpurgated text. Funnier than I imagined. Note to Mr. Naylor.. "Sharing the cabbages with the slugs and pigeons may indeed by promoted by some gardening program presenting 'hippies,'" (which channels do you watch exactly? I must have missed the Hippy gardening channel) but organic farmers (and I worked for a long while on an organic farm so I have a rough idea) are immensely loath to share their produce with slugs. Far from being fatalistic, they tend to work their socks off to get the best crop possible, but through "external locus of control" mechanisms such as intercropping rather than "inner locus of control" mechanisms such as insecticides. The Green Revolution, incidentally, no doubt brought many benefits, has also proved immensely damaging, as water tables drop, land is exhausted and small-scale farmers are forced off their land... Mr. Naylor: if you perchance happen to google your own name and find this site, feel free to respond!

Allvira said...

I am completely agreed with Jamblichus, Thanks Jamblichus for sharing your nice thoughts..