Sunday, 6 July 2008

The Scottish Government is to maintain its opposition to GM crops.

From ‘The Press and Journal’.(June 20th2008)

'....First Minister Alex Salmond delivered the unequivocal message that Scotland would remain GM free as he arrived at the Royal Highland Show.

Mr Salmond had no objection to a debate on the use of GM, but said the Scottish Government was wholly against its use. He added:”The reason we are against it is because we have a very clear vision of Scotland’s future and that is of a clean, green and quality food from Scotland. The problem with GM is that it cuts across the image and positioning that we have for Scottish food and Scottish farming. We would do that at our peril.”

Mr Salmond did not accept GM as pressing for Scottish farmers, saying the more important issue was in addressing escalating production costs, and soaring prices of fertilizer, fuel and feed.

“The benefits of (of GM)-even if they were realized-would be small in comparison with the penalty. We think Scotland’s place as a clean, green place for growing food would be compromised if we went down the GM route.”

Greenpeace accused the biotech industry of “abusing the misery of millions of hungry people” by trying to promote its products as a solution to rising food prices....'

The above quotes by Alex Salmond were recorded in the Press and Journal by Joe Watson. I have taken these quotes from the full article.

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