Friday, 18 January 2008

French farmer Jose Bove on anti-GMO hunger strike.

Jose Bove (see previous post) and 15 other campaigners started their hunger strike two weeks ago on January 3rd.

Bove wants the French government to use European Union Legislation that allows members to ban GM crops.

At the present time Nicolas Sarkozy, France's President, has suspended the use of MON810, the only GM crop currently authorized in France. This crop is a brand of maize which is highly bug-resistent, and developed by the US agrochemical company Monsanto.

A bill on regulating GM crops is due to be debated in Fance's national assembly later this month and a vote is expected before February 9th, when the government's temporary freeze is due to end.

(More on Bove and his campaign here soon.)

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