Thursday, 18 October 2007

MEP's vote this week, how sustainable are they?

DEFRA supports the spraying of agricultural pesticides next to residential properties and other buildings such as schools and hospitals. Despite the report of the Royal Commission DEFRA CONTINUES TO SHOW CONTEMPT for the UK residents who are repeatedly exposed to highly toxic chemicals in this way. The European Parliament are voting on new safety policies which will provide more protection for people who live near to sprayed crops.
One very important new regulation in the European Commissions pesticide proposals, would be to introduce buffer zones between sprayed crops and peoples homes.
If you are concerned to protect your health from exposure to agricultural pesticides through inhalation, or skin contact, or water pollution, please contact your MEP's today by email. Please recommend to your MEP that they vote for the Environment Committee's adopted reports which will now all go to plenary to be voted on by all MEP'S.
You can find MEP's names and email addresses on the website They vote next week!

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